Manufacturing resource planning system for Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation

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Competitiveness or productivity is a field of currently great interest to industry. The current competition on the worldwide market has made companies be much aware on their own performance in a global perspective. Many managers believe that the best potential for improvement of competitiveness is in better production management. Competition has sharpened the quest for continuous and significant improvement in the performance of manufacturing systems in terms of delivery, quality and costs. Because of increasing global competition and the introduction of various advanced business systems , production has become critical activity to outperform competitors on customer service, lead-time, and costs.

Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation is a plastic manufacturing company that needs to manage production planning and scheduling of its production operations based on the proponents investigation of the company's processes and problems.

In this study, the proponents have carried out a series of interviews and have conducted research in order to come up with an information system to address the company's problems. The group developed a Manufacturing Resource Planning System for the company. The study covers the processes of accepting orders, production planning and scheduling, inventory management, procurement planning, quality assurance, and delivery of products to customers.

This paper presents a background on how the software concept was formulated, the problems and solution proposed, the scope and methods and used, and the implementation strategies.

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