Virtual appliance factory: VAPOR

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Alexis V. Pantola

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Gregory G. Cu

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Alexie E. Ballon
Isaac Herculano S. Sabas


Cloud computing has been currently in-demand and prominent in improving services to become more readily accessible over the network. Users can freely choose their own platform and set of applications to run in a cloud infrastructure. With this setting, cloud service providers may create a library of virtual appliances that covers all possible combinations of operating system (OS) and applications which is impractical if not impossible. Current systems provide self-service that allows users to choose their OS and applications to create virtual machines however, these systems do not provide a facility that displays problems that users may encounter. To address this problem, the study aims to define a standard in creating containers of scripts and other metadata known as software bundles. Experiments showed that the system is able to create OS software bundles and application software bundles. When different software bundles are combined, it provides a more practical way of creating virtual appliance instances. In order to guide the users, the system displays feedback during the creation of virtual appliance and virtual appliance instances by using scripts that contain error. Actual line of the script and the script command where the error occurred are presented by the system.

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