The Impact of the driving forces of change that influences the trends and innovation in the fitness industry

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Stephan Chow


At present, fitness firms are becoming popular in our generation. The researchers looked further in to the fitness industry to understand the dynamics beneath the popularity. With this study, the researchers wanted to know about the impact of the driving forces of change that influences the trends and innovation in the fitness industry. On this study, the researchers conducted and collected the necessary information needed through literature reviews, surveys and interviews. Questions regarding trends and innovation of the fitness firms were asked, which could determine the impact of the driving forces.

The objectives of the researchers is to know the impact of the driving forces and to point out the different factors that contribute why fitness industry have surprisingly been evident in the society. The research is an avenue for further study as it could provide a better understanding towards the consumer behavior regarding fitness firms. Although, the research's scope is completely focused on the top 3 fitness firms namely Gold's Gym, Fitness First and Slimmers World and the researchers are limited to just 2 branches per respective gyms. The study provided assumptions and detailed information regarding the fitness industry.

After all the data has been processed and analyzed, the researchers found out that the impact of the driving forces of change that influences trends and innovation are the increase in client base as well as customer memberships of the fitness firms. We also found out that maintaining a healthy lifestyle while having fun is the main factor, which affects the consumer behavior. The researchers hope that this study will benefit and fuel the growth of innovation and trends of the fitness industry.

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