An API for developing mobile ad-hoc networking applications using a public and private screen-based programming model

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Computer Science

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Solomon See

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Briane Paul V. Samson
Courtney Anne M. Ngo


Although some APIs for mobile ad-hoc network functions are available, and generally provide abstraction of network and data transfer functions, they still require developers to think in terms of sending and receiving messages between devices. This presents a problem to new developers of mobile applications who lack experience with network programming and are more accustomed to programming for a single device. It may be helpful for them to think of different application instances running on separate devices as different views, or screens, of a single application and not concern themselves directly with sending and receiving messages.

This research aimed to address this by creating an API with functions that enable developers to create applications that allow for public/private screen assignment, session handling, and a distributed event model. Communication between devices is presented to developers as events being triggered, rather than as messages being sent. Evaluation of the API showed that public/private screen assignment and distributed event model makes the API easier to develop application with, though the session handling causes some confusion. With some improvement in the session handlings design and usability, making this API available may allow developers to code distributed applications as if they were standalone, single-device applications.

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