A study on the properties of compressed earth blocks (CEB) using lahar

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Civil Engineering


This study focused on the use of lahar as a main component in the production of Compressed Earth Blocks. The specimens of lahar used in the experiments were obtained from three different localities in Pampanga, which was hit hardest by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. These localities are Mabalacat, Porac and San Fernando.

The samples were examined and tested for their physical and mechanical properties. Then, the experimentation took place and the blocks were tested for compressive strength from 14 to 90 days of curing period. This so because lahar is considered a pozzolana and the strength development at the later stages of the curing period is deemed important.

Based from the results, three factors were identified in the strength development of the blocks. These are the content, attainment of the Optimum Moisture Content and Grading. Primarily, blocks with higher cement content produced higher compressive strength. Secondly, the water content of the soil sample plays a major role in the development of strength because when the Optimum Moisture Content was reached, blocks gained greater strength than that of samples which has excessive Moisture Content. Lastly, those samples, which have more sand than gravel produced greater strength because finer soil samples, which have more sand than gravel produced greater strength because finer soil samples, were more easily compressed.

All of the samples from Mabalacat, Porac and San Fernando passed the Philippine National Standard for a non load bearing block and produced higher compressive strength than those blocks that had been formed from the previous studies.

The CEB made of lahar has great potential as an alternative building block for low cost housing.

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