Maybahaba: A flood reporting system

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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The Philippines is a disaster-prone country. One of the disasters that usually occur in the county is flooding. This research focuses on the reporting of the state of the flood in the Philippines. Different systems are discussed in this paper such as Google Maps, NOAH, BahaBa and Philippine Flood Hazard Maps. A system called MayBahaBa was produced in order to automatically generate flood reports and broadcast it on Twitter. The data are gathered from Philippine Flood Hazard Maps where citizens input the current state of flood in the area. Google Reverse Geocoding is used by the system to acquire the address names of the coordinates from the Philippine Flood Hazard Maps. The output of the system are flood reports through the use of the Template-Based Approach of NLG. The reports are sentences that contain the level of flood, the location of the flood and the time the flood control occurred. The system was tested using different scenarios and the reports are evaluated by distributing a survey online that contains sample report. The system was able to produce the expected results during testing and the flood reports are evaluated to be understandable, conveys appropriate information and contains correct choice of words.

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Flood control--Philippines; Flood damage prevention

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