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The internet is now in full swing and when web-log or blog was introduce lately, it started to become part or partial of the business-of-the-day and is fast achieving tremendous popularity for daily wed users. It has become part of the daily routine for web users to check on the posted blogs or post some blogs of their own on the net. The tremendous growth of users that post blogs has contributed mammoth amount of data that also gave heavy traffic that would possibly slow down the net. This has given birth to so many applications which tend to help the users who read the blogs and facilitate their searches for particular bits and pieces of information.

New applications have arisen to perform this task using what is termed as tag clouds, a methodology which tried to group all more-or-less similar words or word patterns into classified groups for a faster search with more accuracy. However, recent tag clouds have their own deficiencies and very common to find clouds which are useless and irrelevant for searching a particular keyword or group of words for that matter.

The purpose of this research work is to create an application which will improve the efficiency of generating tags relevant to the blog. The idea is to reconstruct new clouds utilizing a better methodology in relating the word patterns thus eliminating redundancies.

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Blogs; Video blogs; Cloud computing.

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