A narrative analysis on the social construction of trust through condom use among young and adolescent females

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology

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Nico Canoy


Research regarding condom use has focused on decision on its usage, how it shapes sexual pleasure and its health/protection aspect. Sexuality is another feature of condom use to which few studies have dedicated into researching its purposes, fulfillments, and narratives. This study examines condom use as a narrative experience through female centered script, and aimed to create a contextual and gender-specific perspective of condom use. This perspective takes into account three (3) approaches in the experience of condom use, namely: epidemiological, psychological, with the social constructive method integrating the two previous approaches. Data and further analysis suggest that trust is an emergent factor throughout the narrative framework, in such a way that it is prevalent among the three approaches. Theoretically, the findings suggests that it is a multi-dimensional variable which creates a framework of control between two partners, with the woman fashioning trust as the key to frame the narrative of condom use. Even though a lot of social factors were perceived as helping shape the meaning of using a condom, they are considered as preceding help meaning they aren't applicable in the terms of intercourse, making trust the practical deciding factor of using condoms. These findings suggest a different perspective of the experience of condom use, a perspective that provides the woman with the leverage in the context of a meaning embedded narrative.

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Condom use; Teenager--Sexual behavior

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