Recupera: A home-based post-stroke rehabilitation system using the kinect sensor for active patients

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science

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Juan Lorenzo Hagad

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Merlin Teodisia S Suarez

Rhia Trogo


Rehabilitation process has always been time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly. The research focuses mainly on providing a low-cost home-based rehabilitation program for post-stroke patients with the use of Microsoft Kinect as its skeletal system and analysis of progress of the patient to address regarding time, labor and cost. The full body of the patient will be tracked whether he/she is on a standing or sitting position. All in all, there will be seventeen points will be tracked.

The system will show a set of exercise to the user, and the user has to follow the given exercises for n iterations. It will then measure the angles of the joint to compare to the specified angle of the exercise the system showed. The set of exercises, n iterations, measurements, assessment and progress will be saved to the users profile, which will keep track of his/her overall progress.

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Self-actualization (Psychology); Cerebrovascular disease--Patients--Rehabilitation; Stroke Rehabilitation

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