Transparent HTTPS web filtering system with no end user configuration - Prozilla

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Gregory G. Cu

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Arlyn Verina L. Ong

Geanne Ross L. Franco

Alexie E.Ballon


Prozilla is a network application which is capable of filtering network traffic without additional installation of certificates/configuration on the end user system. One distinct technology in network security is the web filtering system, a network application responsible for screening and filtering the traffic at the end users based on their network policy. HTTPS connections secures the connection between client and the web server by sharing keys between the client and the web server which provides security against tampering or eavesdropping - and because of these shared keys, systems are unable to filter the requests without additional configuration on the end user's system. This study aims to develop an in-line HTTPS web filtering application which does not require any configuration on the client's system. The system Prozilla will be located between a switch and a router in which the switch is connected to the client's system and the router being connected to the Internet. The system can prohibit access to the end user's requests by the use of [a] content based filtering by website categorization. When the end user requests for a restricted website, the system terminates the connection of the request and provides notifications by returning the system's block page.

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Internet--Censorship; Computer networks--Access control; Computer networks--Security measures

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