A study on the use of primary paper sludge as reinforcing additive to load-bearing CHB with 700psi Strength

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering


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Civil Engineering

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Ronaldo Gallardo

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Jason Maximo C. Ongpeng

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Agnes Galang

Eugenio Chan


Paper sludge is known to cause major problems for waste disposal for most paper mills. It is toxic and is harmful to the lands, where they are usually disposed. Researchers have found various ways to use paper sludge as a construction material, and are often applied in panel-boards and concrete walls. In this paper, however, the purpose is to investigate the effects of paper sludge added as a reinforcing additive to load-bearing concrete hollow blocks with 700psi design strength. Paper sludge used for this study came from a Pulp and Paper mill named TIPCO in Pampanga, Philippines. Sludge ratio of 9%, 1%, and 2% by weight of the total mix are examined and tested at Jackbilt Laboratory in Pampanga for compression which obtained 730.48psi, 884.36psi, and 754.15psi, respectively. The special process called deflocculation is done to the sludge before mixing by submerging the sludge into the water letting it absord water and spit up.

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Paper industry--Waste disposal; Wood-pulp industry--Waste disposal; Waste products as building materials

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