Kathang-isip: A documentary film on aspiring child stars and their motivations

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Marie Luz Mamawal


Kathang-isip is a made for television documentary focusing on two young girls and their aspirations to become successful in the showbiz industry. These girls, aged 10 and 11, respectively, have auditioned for, and landed small roles since they first discovered the opportunity to be part of the industry. With this, the film explores the initiatives and factors that motivate Filipino parents to push their children into entering the showbiz industry at an early age. This parents share their experiences, as the film looks into the influences and resulting efforts that they undertake in order to fulfill their goals.

The film also present insights from a successful child star, an acting coach, and clinical psychologist to further shed light on the positive and negative effects that being a part of the challenging world of showbiz has no children. It looks into the importance of the media in shaping these familie shopes and dreams for a better life. Through on-camera interviews, the film captures the childrens selfless intentions, as well as the parents wishes for their childrens futures.

The documentary draws a crucial emphasis on The Filipino Dream of fame, which is often viewed as a means to help alleviate the familys financial situation. It probes the tendencies of Philippine media to sensationalize young talent, and in turn, encourage the masses to look towards becoming a part of the industry so as to achieve their dreams.

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Documentary films; Motion picture actors and actresses--Philippine; Performing arts and children

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