Bisikleta: A short feature film on the maturation of a boy

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts


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Vicente Groyan

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Gerardo Mariano

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Clodualdo Del Mundo, Jr.
Jerome Chua
Edward Cabagnot


This short feature intends to show the child's point of view of how he copes with the separation of parents, and how the he matures through his experiences. The bicycle in the film serves as a symbol for Joshua's childhood, and is at the same time parallel to his parents relationship.

It is summer and 10-year old Joshua rides his bike to the playground with his best friend, Kyla. They are too busy talking and laughing that they accidentally hit a rock and fall. The bike gets broken. Joshua rushes home to ask his dad for help, but instead witnesses his father, Joseph, being thrown out of the house. Joshua waits for him to come home, while his mother, Dolores, is silent on the matter. The next day, Joshua finds his fathers watch and he starts wearing it every day from then on. Joshua tries to fix the bike with Kyla, but as he tries riding the bike, it gets worse. He continues trying to fix the bike, despite his mother asking him to bring it to the junkshop. One particular day, he thinks he sees his father walking from afar, and quickly chases after him. He hits a hump and falls, causing the bike to completely break. That night, he requests his dad to be present on his birthday the next day. The father does appear, but it is evident that he is no longer coming home. This angers Joshua and he runs away. Joseph runs after him and they have a serious conversation. Joshua realizes that he really is better off without his father, and throws that watch to the ground, leaving his father deep in thought. Joshua runs to the playground with his broken bike and cries, realizing he cannot fix the bike. Back at home, Joshua then has a final talk with his father, who tells him that he will be leaving for good. They say goodbye and Joshua walks away, now matured.

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