Orasa a short film on a father and son who rekindles their relationship as the father faces terminal illness

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Edward Cabagnot
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This project shows the audiences an aspect of life that is vital and must always be given importance to. The project speaks of how the people of this generation Y, those born in 1980s until the early 1990s (UK and US) and those born from 1983 to the early 2000s (Australia), differ from those who were born prior to those years and these are the youth of today, which are making a huge impact in our Philippine society. Research shows that each country differs from how they define the generation, but the common ground is that these under the generation have similar characteristics, like being tech/web savvy, family oriented, ambitious, team players, communicators, and they like to be loved. This connects to our study with the main characters characteristics being part of generation y. Specifically, family oriented being the most crucial. Family life takes over the work place, having that most generation y parents over work, this has motivated the new priority of family to work. Additionally, it also shows the effects of materialism on family life how the assumption of living a comfortable life material-wise could make up for a decent family bond ruins the idea of what a family is supposed to be. People nowadays are caught up with the idea that materials thins have the ability to equate things like love and happiness, and tend to forget that at the end of the day these material things have the ability to fade in time. This projects aims to reminds the audience on the importance of family how no amount of money or convenience make up for the relationship that exists within one, or between a father and son in this case.

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Short films; Fathers and sons--Drama

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