Implementation of a 1V temperature sensing IC on a 0.18um CMOS process

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Alexander C. Abad

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Roderick Y. Yap

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Ann E. Dulay
Donabel D.V. Abuan


The use of sensor has been widely used in the structures of high technology machineries and in the field of electronics. In this particular study, as explained, Smart Grid power lines is involved wherein the design and development of temperature sensor is mainly focused as an integral part of the whole project.

This thesis project focused on the design of a 1V Temperature Sensing IC, a monitoring device that converts temperature into an 8-bit parallel output, using the 0.18 um CMOS technology. The design is composed of a bandgap reference voltage, signal conditioning circuit, incremental sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter, reset circuit, an 8-bit digital counter for reset, another 8-bit digital counter for the output and a register. The incremental sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter operates at 1V which is supplied by the bandgap reference voltage. Then, the received analog voltage signals are converted to an 8-bit digital output.

Through various testing starting from the Op Amp characterization, ADC characterization, and linearity testing of the whole temperature sensing IC, the proponents has successfully incorporated a bandgap reference circuit that acts as a temperature sensing circuit ranging from 0 ˚C to 85 ˚C with an accuracy of 0.5 ˚C. Moreover, the proponents also passed all of the five corner libraries using Synopsys.

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