Where it all happened: A mobile tour guide for Intramuros

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Instructional Systems Technology

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Computer Sciences


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Information Technology

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Mike Anthony S. Tan


The purpose of this thesis is to build a mobile application which will serve as a tour guide for the local visitors of Intramuros. This is of solution to the problems besetting the visitors' way of learning during the tour. Visitors who rely on the narration of a tour guide have a hard time understanding past events since they are not supported with proper learning aids. Some visitors also fail to hear the delivery of their tour guide given that the tour guide accommodates large number of visitors at a time, and they receive information differently given that tour guides have different ways of delivering or teaching. Also, visitors who explore the place on their own find it hard to see the roles of Intramuros and its structures that information are lacking and are inadequately presented in the sites. The mobile application will provide the visitors with a big picture of the upcoming information they will learn from the tour, and this will help the user integrate the new information to their prior knowledge. It is in this note that David Ausubel's Subsumption Theory was applied. Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning will be applied in incorporating different media into the application. Audio will be the primary media as it will be used in giving instructions, stopper and information. A stopper will be provided to make sure that the user has correctly followed the instructions, and information will be provided after making sure that the user has already arrived at the location. This makes the system context-sensitive leading to the presentation of information based on the user's current location. Moreover, it will be used for the auditory narration or storytelling of the events, and for the sound effects to be used during the narration. Text, pictures and animation will be used to support the auditory narration. The implementation of this mobile application will lead visitors into the realization of why Intramuros is worthy of preservation.

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Virtual reality in archaeology--Data processing; Shared virtual environments

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