Casual sex for Filipino college students: Focus group discussions on ideas, concepts and knowledge based on attachment orientations

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The purpose of this study was to find out whether or not the attachment orientation together with factors such as socioeconomic status, religiosity and conformity would influence what a Filipino college student thinks about casual sex. The two attachment orientations involved in this study are anxiety and avoidance. The focus group discussion (FGD) method was used as the means of gathering data. A short version of the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale was used as a pre-test to screen participants to know which attachment orientation they belonged to. There were 106 participants who took the pre-test of which 17 (9 males and 8 females) were chosen to participate in the four rounds of FGD's. There were three main themes coming from the four rounds of FGD. These were Socioeconomic Status and Education, Religion, and Conformity. All four FGD groups stated their opinion that religion has little to no bearing when it comes to being an influence to casual sex. Three FGD groups believed conformity was a factor because of social acceptance and it being a security while one group stated that personal preference supersedes it. Except for one group who stated the elites are into casual sex more, three groups believe that the lower class engages into casual sex more. Other themes found in the FGDs are media and family. This study can be used as a bias for further research and by workers in the health, education and religious sectors in improving sex education curricula.

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Teenagers--Sexual behavior; College students-- Sexual behavior--Philippines

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