Entry of women into the PMA: a study on organizational change.

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Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences major in Organizational and Social Systems Development

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The study aimed to describe the organizational changes made to accommodate the entry of female cadets, particularly in the organizational structure, rules and regulations, academics, physical, and admission requirements. The study also aimed to describe the factors which have contributed to the change, the responses to, and the perceived consequence of the changes.

The respondents were cadets, comprising of 5 females and 10 males from the 3rd class, and 4 females and 10 males from the 1st class of the Philippine Military Academy. The cadets, together with 6 administrators were interviewed using the interview schedule and interview guide. In analyzing data, content analysis was used.

Results showed that there were changed and unchanged areas. The factor which prompted the academy to change was the Equal Opportunities Act. Resistance was evident in the first batch of female cadet but slowly gained their acceptance as new batches of females enter the academy. There were also some perceived consequences of the changes.

In conclusion, PMA underwent redesigning tasks, technological change, and changing attitudes and skills of female cadets in order to maintain its strategy, culture and structure. However, the changes still affected the social relationships, leader-subordinate relationships and organizational culture of PMA particularly the behavior.

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Philippine Military Academy; Women and the military; Women soldiers--Philippines

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