Perception testing on the tolerable fit allowance for the upper garments of young Filipina in The National Capital Region.

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A national standard for the body measurements of young women was established by the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) to serve as a basis for the clothing measurements of locally produced upper garments. Its existence however is largely unknown. As a result, a majority of garment manufacturers are currently following their respective body measurement standards. Despite this fact, the measurements followed by these manufacturers were found to be approximately equivalent to those set by the BPS. In addition, the S, M, L sizing scheme set by the Philippine National Standards (PNS) is largely followed by garment manufacturers.

Nevertheless, surveys conducted have shown that a significant number of Filipina consumers complain of problems pertaining to the fit of locally produced upper garments. The study was conducted to address this need by developing tolerable fit allowances for upper garment parts through a perception testing method. It is noted that these allowances are only applicable for proper fitting of blouses.

The perception experiment was initially conducted to acquire the preliminary fit allowances of the blouses. Test blouses carrying experimental fit allowances were prepared for this purpose. These were constructed using Gina (Konji) fabric because of its high durability and low cost. The proposed allowances acquired from the experiment were later proven to provide the fit and comfort desired by local consumers.

The essential garment dimensions for a typical proper-fitting upper garment for ladies with their corresponding fit allowance values are comprised of the following: (1) the bust girth with 5 cm., (2) the waist girth with 7 cm., (3) the hip girth with 7 cm. (4) the upper arm girth with 5 cm., (5) the underarm girth with 7 cm., and (6) the shoulder breadth with 1.5 cm.

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