Improvement on cluster-head selection of the LEACH routing algorithm : clusternet

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Arlyn Verina L. Ong

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Gregory G. Cu

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Jocelyn W. Cu

Alexis V. Pantola


A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a group of networked devices deployed to work together in performing a specific application. They are expected to run for a long time with minimum configuration and supervision. WSN’s are typically composed of nodes, a central node, and the event being monitored. Nodes are small, embedded systems made up of one or more sensors, microprocessors, a radio transceiver, and an energy source. The central node aggregates and processes sensed data from the nodes to provide useful information. The event known routing algorithms for WSN’s is low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH). LEACH is a hierarchical cluster-based routing algorithm that groups the nodes into clusters in rounds. In each cluster, there is cluster-head (CH) that receives, aggregates and sends data for its cluster-members. The CH’s are autonomously and randomly selected based on a certain probability. Because of this, there is no guarantee how many CHs are there in a given network size. There is also a chance that the newly elected CH has a low energy level already. And, since the CH consumes more energy, there is a big chance that it runs out of energy during the round. Additionally, the location of the CHs might be located poorly resulting in reduced energy efficiency. This research aims to increase the system lifetime of WSN’s by modifying the CH selection process of the LEACH routing algorithm by centralizing the CH selection phase. Additionally, to include the residual energy of the nodes, location of the CH’s, and amount of CH’s per round in selecting the CH.

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Wireless sensor network; Routing (Computer network management)

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