Centralized virtual file server

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Gregory G. Cu

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A cluster file system is a file system that does not consist of a single server connected to a set of clients, but instead a cluster of servers that is interconnected in a network and can be divided into groups where users can access independently. The connection of the users to the cluster is seen as with multiple file directories with respect to how many groups of servers are there in the network. The cluster itself is transparent to the users however the file system itself is responsible for distributing requests to each part of the storage cluster. This study concentrates on creating a central control system that is able to show the clustered file storage on a network as a single storage server. It focuses on improving the scalability of the storage functionality of storage devices in clustered networks. The study explores the mechanisms associated to metadata and journaling functionality. In a clustered file system, metadata management is critical to the whole system. It offers a simpler environment for a clustered system and dedicated system for control and data management. The results show that the system was able to present the file system to the client network using the Samba protocol from the cluster of storage drives attained from the storage network, which uses iSCSI technology. The system has a few limitations which are the incapability of removing a server without any replacement and multiple clients cannot copy the same file inside the server at the same time. The system presents a cluster of servers as a single server using a standard file share protocol with monitoring software that can be used by an administrator.

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Operating systems (Computers); Virtual computer systems.

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