Wireless sensor network simulator (the SimuLItor)

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Arlyn Verina L. Ong

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Arlyn Verina L. Ong

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Marnel S. Peradilla
Katrina Ysabel C. Solomon


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) simulators are used for testing and learning, the simulator a theoretical substitute of a real WSN. Problems may occur after setting the WSN or there could be some minor errors which were not seen in the planning phase, if this would happen the WSN proposal needs to be remodeled and tested again to ensure quality of the product. There are a lot of wireless sensor network simulators available, but most of the simulators are limited to certain protocols which are not present with others. This results in the need for many simulators to test different protocols for their network. Using different simulators will make the researchers sit up their network repeatedly for each simulator. This is very time consuming and it is also inaccurate because each simulator has its own way of simulation, data cannot be gathered accurately. The goal of this research is to develop a simulation framework for WSN that includes the commonly used protocols in WSN. This framework is easy to use and open to extension. Other researcher can easily add protocols that are not yet implemented to cope with future advancements. The goal is not to create a finished product but a foundation for others to build upon.

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Wireless sensor networks; Computer network protocols

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